Lifetime Pension Payments

Your contributions to LSR, along with those of your employer, earn you the right to lifelong pension benefits from the time you begin to draw your pension.

VitiAlthough your pension payments are made monthly to your Icelandic bank account, you are not required to be domiciled in Iceland to receive these payments.

The benefits you receive reflect your contributions to LSR throughout your working life. For LSR, the general retirement age is 67, but you can choose to start receiving your pension benefits as early as 60 years old or as late as 80 years old. If you choose to start receiving the benefits earlier than 67, the monthly payments will be proportionally lower, but by choosing to receive the benefits later, your monthly payments increase.

Your LSR membership also might earn you the right to disability pension should you experience a loss of income due to a reduction in your capacity to work. Additionally, in the event of your death, your spouse will earn the right to a spouse's pension, and your children earn a right to a child's pension.

Your contributions and benefits

You can view your contributions and future benefits by logging on to our member site with your electronic ID (rafræn skilríki) or your ISlykill ID. Unfortunately, our member site is only available in Icelandic at the moment. If you have problems accessing the site or need further information, you can contact us.

Pension application

To apply for pension payments with your electronic ID please use the below form:

If you do not have electronic ID, you can download our application in English here. After adding the necessary information, please send the a scan of the signed documents to

Reimbursement of contributions

Citizens of countries outside of the European Economic Area and USA can apply for a reimbursement of their contributions on certain conditions.

If you need any further information or assistance, please feel free to contact our pension division at or by telephone at 510 6100 .